Book Review: The Money Saving Mom’s Budget:Releasing 1-10-12!!!

As mom to 7, I’m asked frequently if I work. And in a kind undertone, the next question that follows:
“How do you afford all those kids?” :)

Hmmm… let’s see:
1. God always provides our needs.
2. My husband and I work very hard.
3. We find as many frugal ways as we can to make things work.

So I said all that to say that I HIGHLY recommend this new book releasing Jan. 10, 2012. When I was provided with the opportunity for an advance copy of this book, I was thrilled.

“The Money Saving Mom’s Budget” will present you with tons of money-saving ideas in an orderly fashion. If you are not familiar with “The Money-Saving Mom“, Crystal Paine, her website is a wealth of knowledge. Her blog offers continually updated store deals and coupon offers, as well as free, fun home ideas and frugal shopping strategies. The advantages to owning this book are multiple; she is such an advocate for organization and offers her advice based on her own frugal experiences. She only offer suggestions that make sense and she freely tells you if an idea is a very frugal one, but perhaps over the top for even her! (She clearly states she continues to buy and use toilet paper at her house; hey, this is good to know!)

I truly enjoyed this book because it was an incentive to act on ideas of which I am aware, but had just forgotten. For instance, remembering that I own a bread machine and to USE IT. :) Encouraging crockpots for saving not only money, but time. And spurring on the juices of creativity to continue exploring frugal avenues and not be fearful of trying a new idea, step by step, at a pace that has potential for permanency, and is not a fly by night scheme.

But you know what I like most about Crystal? She saves in order to give.

Every penny of profit on this book is going to Compassion International, an organization that helps to feed and clothe needy children around the globe. Is that phenomenal or what?

So don’t wait; pre-order your copy today!